Corporate traditions

Company Mission

We provide consulting and engineering services  world level in the aviation industry , create jobs in the market highly intellectual services , ensuring the preservation and development of national human resources, as well as the influx of skilled personnel in the Ukraine.

Progresstech group of companies has its own steady corporate traditions that have been formed since company foundation. One of them is an award of employees with gold, silver and bronze corporate badges. Employees with 10-year experience in the company are awarded with a gold badge. Personnel, who have worked in company 5 years and 1 year, receive silver and bronze badges respectively.

There is a celebration of Company birthday every January. Traditionally event includes birthday greetings of its customers, business partners and friends as well as there is an original program prepared by company’s employees and performance of actors.

Annually many corporate activities are organized for the employees, among them bicycle rides, sightseeing tours, barbecue parties etc.