All the success and achievements of the PROGRESSTECH-UKRAINE Company is the result of the work of our employees. It is they who create concepts and design modern airplanes, airports and cars.


We always welcome those who committed to continuous professional development, is willing to learn from the experience of others and share their own. Today, aircraft and automobile consulting and design of airports is a dynamic and rapidly developing area of business, that is why we are constantly looking for opportunities to offer for professional growth of our employees, both through training and by setting interesting, nonstandard work tasks. In our activities, we are building relationships with the employees so that the labor policy of the company contributed to their creativity and commitment to professional training and career development. We have developed internal training programs for employees, there is also the opportunity to learn from external providers. We consider various methods of development and take into account the area of activity of each individual specialist from the engineer to the administrative staff. We can build a career from novice engineer to senior management positions. To datethe company has many suchexamples.

In the section Jobs you can see the open positions for today.


Welcome to our friendly professional team!